About Me

About the site

On Pedantic Posts I write about a wide variety of things that I find interesting.  This can range from topics I have thoroughly researched out of curiosity to original thoughts I have jittering around in my head.  Really it is a creative outlet to share with individuals who may be interested in similar things.

Why Pedantic Posts?

I think being called a pedant is a compliment – it means that you have a desire to learn beyond what is required, even if it is useless information.  The information found here will not be on any upcoming tests.  Hopefully the posts also go beyond simple trivia and you find them thought provoking.

About Brian Skinner

I graduated a few years ago from Stanford University where I spent a good amount of time playing on the men’s volleyball team.  More recently I started a company called Breakout Mentors to provide young Bay Area students the absolute best computer programming education. The rest of my time is spent in enjoying everything San Francisco has to offer with the very best group of friends money can buy!

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