Assorted Internet Awesomeness

I’ve been sitting on a few bookmarks without posting them because they are just too short to make into a whole post. Of course the logical thing is to put them together to make one awesome blog post.

The first is for the fellas. I have always felt that one of life’s little joys is urinating on ice (TMI?). Snow makes a good substitute as well. Well here is something that lasts a lot longer and is potentially cooler:

The next is for the grammar nerds. You know how when you quote a passage with a typo or grammar error you use [sic] to designate that it wasn’t your mistake but the person’s you are quoting? Well what happens if the person you are quoting put [sic] when there wasn’t really an error? Check out this post with the possibilities. This reminds me of my obsession of using parenthesis within parenthesis (not that I do it that often (but I would if it were more socially acceptable)).

Here is one for the computer nerds – what is the most common phone number? What does the internet think is the most common phone number? Not the same thing! The number 2147483647 is the largest 32-bit signed integer, so if a website stores the number that way and someone enters a number larger than that, their phone number will be stored as 214-748-3647. Which begs the question, who in Dallas actually has that number and how many phone calls do they get that aren’t for them?

The last one for all the 80’s fans and internet pranksters out there. You know the concept of Rick Rolling someone? It’s when you create a hyperlink that the clicker thinks will be relevant, but is in fact a link to the Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Well some student hid the song in his college paper. Play the video and read along to the first word on each line below.

Photo: Ben Lucier

6 thoughts on “Assorted Internet Awesomeness

  1. Herf says:

    Hah, that paper made me really happy. Really just love the idea of “hurt” computers and
    Networks with hearts.

  2. Good post Brian! You had me at “I have always felt that one of life’s little joys is urinating on ice” and no, that was not TMI. If only I could afford to frequent restaurants that supply such excellent urinating options.

    Speaking of Rick Rollin’…
    Have you seen this RR video from the Oregon State Legislature? You should check it out(not just because it’s got over 1,000,000 views, but because I am in it several times). See if you can spot me. Hint: “Never gonna give”

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