Titan word list

plutocrat – someone who exercises power by virtue of wealth

sybaritic – displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

laconic – brief and to the point

lacuna – a blank gap or missing part

sedulous – marked by care and persistent effort

paterfamilias – the male head of family or tribe

penurious – excessively unwilling to spend

apogee – a final climactic stage

surreptitious – conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

ebullient – joyously unrestrained

obloquy – a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions

vociferous – conspicuously and offensively loud

opprobrium – a state of extreme dishonor

troglodyte – someone who lives in a cave (loner)

insouciant – marked by blithe unconcern

coterie – an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

suzerain – a state exercising a degree of dominion over a dependent state especially in its foreign affairs

panoply – a complete and impressive array

fustian – pompous or pretentious talk or writing

quotidian – found in the ordinary course of events

potentate – a ruler who is unconstrained by law

foible – a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual

dilettante – showing frivolous or superficial interest

mendacity – the tendency to be untruthful

picayune – (informal) small and of little importance

panacea – hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases

retinue – the group following and attending to some important person

vituperative – marked by harshly abusive criticism

animus – a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility

protean – taking on different forms

garrulous – full of trivial conversation

cogent – powerfully persuasive

precipice – a very steep cliff

tutelary – providing protective supervision

encomium – a formal expression of praise

expedient – serving to promote your interest

proselytize – convert to another faith or religion

anathema – a detested person

abstemious – sparing in consumption of especially food and drink

codger – used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man

diurnal – having a daily cycle or occurring every day

neurasthenic – of or relating to or suffering from a nervous breakdown

dyspeptic – irritable as if suffering from indigestion

excoriate – express strong disapproval of

riposte – a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

prevaricate – be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold informations

sangfroid – great coolness and composure under strain

demimonde – a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior

condign – fitting or appropriate and deserved

abeyance – temporary cessation or suspension

panegyric – formally expressing praise

austerity – the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

antediluvian – so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period

bellicose – having or showing a ready disposition to fight

cynosure – something that strongly attracts attention and admiration

mea culpa – an acknowledgment of your error or guilt

intransigent – impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason

sacrosanct – must be kept sacred

sententious – concise and full of meaning

bagatelle – something of little value or significance

convivial – occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company

probity – complete and confirmed integrity

insouciance – the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you

propitious – presenting favorable circumstances

cicerone – a guide who conducts and informs sightseers

solipsism – (philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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