New Look to Pedantic Posts

Some of the more astute readers have noticed the new look to Pedantic Posts over the last week. I am pleased to announce that the redesign is complete – welcome to the new and improved Pedantic Posts!

Previously I wasn’t happy with the way Pedantic Posts looked – in the past I took a couple WordPress themes and only made slight tweaks to them. But most free WordPress themes aren’t that impressive or way too busy looking. I’m still using the Bueno theme, but have made so many changes you might not even recognize it anymore.

The most obvious change is the amazing new logo. My sister Lara used her art skills to put together a great logo that features my trademark long hair and glasses. She is also spreading the good word of Pedantic Posts by displaying it on her online portfolio. You should hire her for your next logo!

As Matthew pointed out yesterday, the site looks bad on the iPhone. It’s because of the very limited number of fonts that are supported. I’ll be looking into fixing it eventually…

I should also point out that I have short hair now, and soon will no longer have glasses. I’m getting LASIK! Don’t worry, we’ll keep the logo as is.

Photo: Nattu

7 thoughts on “New Look to Pedantic Posts

    • Lara says:

      Thank you for the comment on the logo!

      I’m definitely adding your style blog to my reader. You have great taste! I’ve been lusting after ridiculously priced bar carts for months . . . and Brian totally complained when I dragged the family through a Jonathan Adler store last December . . .

      Actually, Pedantic Posts might be the only blog I read that doesn’t have a design slant. Take that as a compliment brother!

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