The Ratios That Matter Most

Nerds like numbers. But what really matters is how one number relates to another – the ratio. Here are a few that I pay attention to in various aspects of my life.


The points scored to the time of making the play ratio – also known as points per minute.


The poke to friend ratio – can you get over 50% of your friends to poke you?


The leg length to weight ratio – the shortest legs on the fattest dog is ideal.

What ratios do you enjoy?


Images: Bethan and Lance Nishihira

7 thoughts on “The Ratios That Matter Most

  1. PI! Circumference to diameter of a circle. The best ratio of them all…

    Also SLEEP – hours in bed asleep to hours in bed falling asleep (smallest ratio = best).

  2. lisa says:

    is that a pregnant puppy???

    you know that in scrabble points per minute don’t count towards a win… remember that time in yosemite that lara beat you? 🙂

    • Skinner says:

      I hate to break it to you, but that was a photoshopped photo. They used layers.

      I don’t remember that incident. I did have my greatest Scrabble (Words With Friends) moment of my life today – no tiles left, Fareez played “quoth” to take the lead by 11. NBD. I used the rest of my tiles on “contrive” for 89 points and the win.

      • Lara says:

        Layers! Brian is a Photoshop know-it-all!

        That selective memory of yours is so convenient lil’ bro. Good thing the rest of the fam was there to witness your defeat. So glad to hear your game has improved as of late . . . 😛

  3. Egan says:

    – (strength)/(body weight) for any exercise
    – (cost of bottle)/(time to consume) = fast pass wine record
    – (race time)/(age) for any standard race. 57 yr old dad marathon in 3:13 for example
    – (income)/(spending)
    – (beers consumed)/(# of people)
    – (days of skiing in a year)/(365)
    – (enjoyment)/(money spent)
    – (height)/(box jump) –>

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